We have no shortage of people telling us how much they love the concept behind Dog Buddy Match. For that we are extremely grateful.

But, occasionally, people chime is with comments along the lines of, "Why not just get a second dog?" Or, "If you only spent more time exercising and/or training your dog, they'd be ok when you leave them alone." "Or, why not just enroll them in doggie day care or get them a pet sitter?" is a refrain we hear from time to time.

While we definitely agree that all of these suggestions are great, none of them work for every dog owner.

First off, if it were up to us, dogs would only come in pairs or sets of three. The unfortunate reality, however, is that many dog owners are simply not in a position to get a second dog. They can't afford it, they live in an apartment where only one dog is allowed, they can barely keep up with the demands of one dog, etc. etc. There are a great many reasons why simply getting a second dog is most definitely not an option for a great many dog owners.

Regarding exercise and training, we couldn't agree more. Both are absolutely essential in our opinion. But, for many, it's a matter of difficulty finding the time in their often very full daily schedules to do all the things we should do as responsible dog owners/caretakers.

And doggie day care and pet sitters are both excellent alternatives to leaving a dog alone all day. But, not everyone can afford the extra expense. And some dogs, my own included, just don't like doggie day care. In my own dog's case, I think it's just a bit too overwhelming for him to be around so many other dogs all at the same time.

Something else, which we’re always quick to point out; One of the main reasons we started Dog Buddy Match goes way beyond just giving dogs a chance to have a little company during the day. We want to help dogs who are stuck indoors all day (in apartments or other homes without a suitable yard) have an outdoor alternative - a literal outlet.

I recently met a young couple who told me they keep their very energetic medium sized dog in the bathroom all day. They had initially let him have run of their apartment, but then he destroyed their sofa, and they felt they had no choice but to confine him.

I almost cried when I heard this.

They thought about doggie day care, they explained, but at $500+ a month, it's just not in their budget.

This is why we made Dog Buddy Match completely free. We want it to be an easy, realistic and very viable alternative for anyone and everyone with a dog who could use a neighbor dog buddy with a nice yard to spend the day with, for anyone with a dog in need of not being alone for whatever the reason, or for those who just want to help by making their dog and backyard available to a poor dog who would otherwise be stuck indoors all day.

My own dog has been spending 5 days a week with our neighbor's dog in their backyard for more than a year and a half. Prior to that, despite the fact that I get up at the crack of dawn 7 days a week and take him on a hiking adventure for an hour or more, and have spent countless hours training him,  he destroyed things anytime I left him alone in our very sizable backyard. And the neighbor's dog barked all day long. Since they first began spending their days together, both the destruction and the barking have completely ceased.

And that's when the concept for Dog Buddy Match was born.